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Lapis Lazuli Jewelry is happy to offer you free
shipping with FEDEX for orders over 88.2 €

We have two shipping options for your purchase:

FEDEX Express.
Fedex shippingFEDEX will deliver your purchase at the address you inform us. In average your package will arrive within 2 to 3 work days. We will let you know the FedEx tracking number, which will let you track your package at the following link

In error or delay cases contact us so we can contact FEDEX directly and find out the origin of the problem and solve it as quickly as possible.

Correos Chile (Air)
Correo Chile shippingFor smaller orders regarding volume, Lapis Lazuli Jewelry suggests a second more economical solution: the Chilean national post office Correos de Chile. It is a trusty means of transport , however slower than FEDEX. Correos de Chile will handle your order from Santiago until the entrance point of the country of destination, then the local post office service of that country will handle the delivery of the package up to the indicated address.

Correo de Chile deliveries are made in bubble wrap envelopes. For this reason the products that can access this kind of delivery must be of small dimensions and not exceed a weight of 250 grams. If one or more of your shopping cart products is not compatible, or if the total weight exceeds 250 grams, the Correos de Chile alternative shall not be suggested at the moment of your purchase.

We deliver our products to the whole world. Here you will find approximate delivery time according to your geographical zone:

Estimated delivery time in work days


Correo Chile


3 to 4 days

15 to 20 days

Asia - Oceania

5 to 6 days

15 to 20 days

Africa - Arabia

5 to 6 days

20 to 25 days

North America

2 to 3 days

8 to 12 days

South America

3 to 4 days

12 to 15 days



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