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It is very important for Lapis Lazuli Jewelry to provide an excellent service for our customers, that is why we will respond to all your inquiries, special product requests and general questions. Our products and prices are available for revision at the online version of our catalogue in this website.

To purchase an item you must register as a Lapis Lazuli Jewelry client creating an account, this will allow you to enter the shipping and payment information, and then be able to track your orders.

This website sells products to private individuals. If you are a wholesaler and would like to sell our products contact us


Our products are available for revision at the online version of our catalogue in this website, we have a wide range of product categories containing different materials made with diverse techniques. Our goal is to increase this offer of products created in different Latin American Countries, over time.

The basic characteristics are presented for every product, l although there are some products in particular where the client can choose or require certain characteristics in particular (color, design, dimensions, etc ), that is why the buyer can always to send a message using the contact form to make any special requests or inquiries.

The buyer has all the responsibility over the choice and purchase of a product. Lapis Lazuli Jewelry will not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by inappropriate product use.



An order consists of the purchase, by a client, of one or more products, through the internet site, selecting the desired products,

including them in the shopping cart, calculating the shipping costs, registering delivery and billing information, and paying for the total amount.

The buyer confirms the order by pressing the “Confirm Order” button, and by doing so declares total acceptance of the existing sales conditions.

The order is formalized at the moment that the payment is accepted. The client can then track each stage of the order by accessing the “My account” section.

Lapis Lazuli Jewelry reserves the rights to cancel a client’s order in case there of dispute regarding the payment of a past order or if it evaluates there is a chance of risk or fraud.



We count with a number of products which make up our product stock to assure permanent availability, these are sent out within 48 hours (2 work days) after payment confirmation.

If we are not able to send out the order within 7 work days following the purchase for circumstances out of our control, we will contact the buyer at his / her email address to inform him or her of the date in which we will be able to send the order.

The client will be able to confirm by email if he or she would like to wait, cancel or change the order.



The prices in our online catalogue are in Euros and US dollars according to the CURRENCY selected by the user, and Lapis Lazuli Jewelry reserves the rights to modify its prices but commits to applying the rates indicated to the buyer at the time of purchase. We would be delighted to answer any questions regarding the above.

Lapis Lazuli Jewelry is located in Santiago Chile, so all the prices in our catalogue are F.O.B., meaning the prices do not include shipping costs nor custom taxes or others.

By selecting a product in your shopping cart and having the intention of acquiring it, you will then have to select your choice of delivery, and calculate the associated cost which will be added to the total amount of your order and should be paid along with the rest of the product cost.



We propose the following payment alternatives:

For clients around the world:

  • Through Paypal we count with a secure payment method for any of the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express.
  • Making an electronic money transfer into our Paypal account through a Paypal checking account. If you do not own a Paypal account we inform you that opening one is a simple procedure that will take you only a few minutes, and that once it has been done you will be able to make your payment.

For European customers:

The following is added to the 2 previous alternatives:

  • External payment offline, through bank transfer into a French bank account. Upon confirming this payment method you will receive an email with information and instructions to make the payment.


Orders are delivered according to the choice made by the customer, one alternative is the international express mail service (courier) FEDEX, transit time is normally between 3 to 5 work days depending on the country of destination. There is also a second delivery option available for an inferior amount of money, using the Correos de Chile service up to the country of destination, and from there on, the local post office service of the country of destination.

The delivery is made directly to the shipping address that the customer indicates, so all specifications regarding the delivery address must be given to us for a correct sending out and delivery of your order.

Orders are packed in cardboard boxes appropriate for air transport, assuring that the products will be delivered in optimal conditions to the customers’ addresses this way.

The shipping costs are calculated based on weight and destination, considering Chile as the country of origin, the customer must select the delivery option in case there is more than one option and the associated cost will be calculated. This value will be added to the total amount of the purchase.



Custom tax fees are generated when the products arrive at the country of destination.

By placing an order the customer confirms that he (she) knows the taxes, customs duties or other charges that might apply in his (her) country, and commits to their payment if the courier service, or national post office service so requests it. This, as they would have to have previously paid these fees to retrieve the product from customs.

Customs policies vary from country to country according to the local legislation, Lapis Lazuli Jewelry has no control over these, and cannot foresee them.

Lapis Lazuli Jewelry invites the buyer to contact local Customs for more information.



The buyer has a seven day deadline from the day he (she) receives the product, to return it to Lapis Lazuli Jewelry for a money refund, without penalty, excluding the shipping cost back to Chile.

If the reception on behalf of Lapis Lazuli Jewelry has been correct and the required conditions to obtain the refund (the product has to be complete and in good state, is also has to come packed and in perfect state for resale) are fulfilled, then the refund will take place no longer than 30 days after the day that the product is received. .

On the other hand, there will be no refund for any packages received with a damaged, incomplete or dirty product.



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